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Mom Pack

outdoor playhouses

Imagine This..... A magical place for your prince or princess to escape too, a place where all of their imaginative play can come alive. A place where they can pretend to be like those they admire on a day to day basis. A place where they can act out the daily task that their mommy and daddy have. A place they can call their own.

Now remember when you were little and how you felt when you saw your very first playhouse. Was your first time when you were visiting Grandma's house in the country, or was it when you started Kindergarten? Remember the anticipation you felt as you ran towards the house and saw all of the miniature sized furniture, the miniature kitchen......

Give your child the same experiences with one of our mini mansions.

Our mini playhouse mansions can make all of your kids playtime dreams come true. They are the perfect outdoor playhouse for all season playtime fun. Your child can have a one of kind playhouse that will be admired by family and friends for years to come.

Match their siding to your own homes siding or to the castle of their dreams. With eight foot tall ceilings and luxurious surroundings, your child is sure to feel right at home. Features the best playhouse designs, built with the highest quality materials, handcrafted and delivered right to your backyard. Your mini mansion choice can even include running water, hardwood floors, bay windows, and luxury rooms!

For a true princess adventure, consider one of our mini mansions in our Custom Built Luxury Outdoor Playhouse Collection.

We now also carry tree house for the child that loves to play in trees
No tree, no problem. “Tree Houses that come with their own Tree!” and are the most creative play structures available on the market today. We are proud to showcaseourOriginal Tree Houseand Deluxe Original Tree House. Each project is built-to-order, meaning we don’t just grab an item that’s been sitting around waiting for someone to buy it. We begin each order with a real 6' tall log that has been reclaimed from local ranches. Wehollow them out using a 7’ chainsaw, add a cute little porch with a door, cut in a window with an eave and a flower box, and insert a short ladder which ascendsthroughthe clubhouse trap door. On top of the log is a cartoon-inspired, whimsical clubhouse with crooked windows and a sagging roofline. Every clubhouse features sturdy construction using Douglas fir framing and cedar board siding. Recycled cedar shingles cap off the roof, weather-proven paint accents the exterior, and fun rust accentsadorn the entire play structure. Thedeluxe model includes an oversized log and clubhouse in addition to the redwood beam and belt swing. All of our tree houses are built with fun, durability, and safety in mind, guaranteeing years of imaginative play

Custom Luxury Built Playhouses
Custom Luxury Built Playhouses
Monkey Mansion Tree House
Monkey Mansion Tree House
Original Tree House
Original Tree House
The Ludwing
The Ludwing
The Madison II
The Madison II
Tommy’s Turbo Terrace Tree House
Tommy’s Turbo Terrace Tree House

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